180 year old Family Recipe

We wanted to create a dish as glamourous as Vegas while keeping 

the legacy of our family recipe

Our specialty food includes Garlic Crisps & Citrus Blend

Home made garlic crisps & our calamansi citrus blend will enhance

your pansit experience

Special Annatto infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil

High quality Italian olive oil with annatto has its antioxidant benefits

Our Original Vegas Pansit

Always comes with shrimps, Jidori eggs, crisp garlic & cracklings, annatto & citrus vials 

Gourmet Seafood & Meat Add-Ons

Options for gourmet add-ons such as lobster tails, snow crab legs, 

uni, scallops, tenderloin steak or pork loin


We taste tested various local sources to find the best rinds 

to give our pansit the perfect texture